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Mothers Empowered teaches women to embrace the potential of who they can become by helping them to celebrate the gift of who they already are.

Through interactive workshops, provocative discussions and peer coaching, members of the Power Mama Academy identify the tools they need to support personal growth and guide positive change. Our model cultivates leadership and organizing skills utilizing culturally relevant competencies such that mothers living in underserved neighborhoods can articulate their vision for their families as well as provide meaningful insights to relevant social and political agencies.

Our vision: Empowered mothers raise empowered children and build empowered communities. They breathe life into the dreams of their families and seek out opportunities to become Power-Full.

Our mission: To use the power of motherhood to power community transformation in the ‘hood.
The Movement is ME!!

Phone: 718.218.4951
Facebook: Mothers Empowered
Twitter: MEmpowered

Mothers Empowered


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